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General Conference Challenge!

Last year previous to the October 2011 conference, thousands of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) joined in on a challenge to read all of the talks from the April 2011 conference by the first session of the October conference. In preparation for the April 2012 conference, we are once again challenging Latter-day Saints from around the world …

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Resolutions| Elder Joe J. Christensen

Resolutions BY ELDER JOE J. CHRISTENSEN Of the Presidency of the Seventy Excerpts from an address given at a Brigham Young University nineteen-stake devotional on 9 January 1994. Resolutions To a degree, we all understand the gospel and know what we should be doing in our lives. Very likely, we know more than we apply. …

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“Look to God and Live”| Jeffrey R. Holland

“Look to God and Live” JEFFREY R. HOLLAND Of the First Quorum of the Seventy This morning, I would like to greet and speak not only to the members of the Church but also to those not of our faith who may be participating in the radio or television audience. Thank you for joining with …

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